Yes, you ready the title correctly… No need to get your eyes checked.
An AI program, named the Todai Robot Project, scored an above average score of 511 out of 950, while the national average is 416. While that’s a staggering advantage over a real student, that still means the AI has only an 80% chance of getting into private or national institution.


And no surprise really, the perfecting of the AI took some time and obviously still has a ways to go. It’s been in the works since Watson, IBM’s AI, was taking on Jeopardy!

What’s interesting is that the AI program did very well on history and math, but didn’t do so hot in physics. The reason most likely is that math and history are rather straightforward, while physics requires intricate knowledge and linguistic understanding that the AI just can’t or won’t have for a while.

The main goal is to have the AI get into the ‘Harvard of Japan’ otherwise known as Tokyo University by 2021.