french cuisine vs italian cuisine This question can not be answered, or better said, one would need an Enzyclopedia do to that. One has to go back to history. Italians had aquired a lot of its “cooking” knowledge and ingredients as early as the Roman empire. The fall of the same had partly also to do with “food” and the overindulgance in it ( half joke). Timejump- centuries later the French employed Italian Chefs and from that on the basics of the cuisines were laid.  if one looks really closely into cooking techniques and ingredients one will discover the common roots (as Italian cuisine has also developed further ) Now when people talk about French Cuisines they mainly think about the “Nouvelle Cuisine which has developed lately, but does NOT represent what french people really eat daily. Same in Italy- its NOT Pizze and Pasta. Those are maybe parts of a meal, but given undue weight through its US migrant Franchise companies –  and are as far away from the original(s) than they can be. ( Sorry, but if one would serve a US pizza or Pasta in a remote Italian village, the “chef” would probably become a victim of a lynch mob !) Although I personally have not had the pleasure to eat “french” in the US, (mostly creole food is mistaken for french there anyhow) I was told the same by french people trying it. So, sorry to say, one can not answer the “difference” between Italian or French food with a simple answer as ‘ Italian use Tomatoes and French more white sauce”- which would be wrong anyway! One has to start with difference between “Provence, Normandy, Lombardian, Sicilian, Venecian, Burgundian, Nouvelle, Osteria, Restaurant, Cafe, Mareseille, Genoa and so on. ( Purposely i throw all those words togeether randomly and its maybe just 1 % of glossary term involved )