Do you need a GPS when you have a smartphone? That question is one I get a lot from relatives and co-workers, and my answer is usually no. Reason being? Google Maps.

Now I know, some people have trouble with Google Maps, and I sometimes do to. But in the end Google Maps is an absolute breeze to use, it’s directions are USUALLY spot-on, and the traffic reports it gives are an excellent time saver. And I mean come on, why carry ANOTHER piece of tech around with you that literally serves one purpose, and doesn’t even do it’s job all that well?

My experience with GPS systems, Garmin and the like, have been nothing but a headache. Between inconsistent updates, horrible satellite tracking, and outdated map packs, it’s just been horrid. I’ve tried the latest models, I’ve even tried some knock-offs and Google Maps outshines them all.

The ease of use, especially just generally searching for places to go, Google Maps predicts places I’ll like based on where I am, not just what street I typed in that happens to also be in Massachusetts and I’m in Alabama. (I love when my Garmin does that, ‘Oh, your destination? It’s like 14 hours away, have fun good luck..’)

I mean honestly, in the end, using a phone that you already have on you 100% of the time, to do a task in your vehicle that you’re in, oh say 20% of your time, it’s worth it to me not to have to spend money on a GPS and deal with all of that.