You know, many people ask me why I wear a smart watch, and what’s my main use of one. So I thought I’d make this post to talk about smart watches and exactly why I chose to buy one.

What is a smart watch

Many of you have probably heard or even seen users with smart watches on their wrists. From the Apple Watch, to the Moto 360, to the Samsung Gear, smart watches come in many different sizes, from many different manufacturers. Now we’re not here to talk about which is best, that will come later, we’re here to talk just about what they are.

The most basic way to understand a smart watch is to assume it’s basically a small smartphone. Granted, our phones are getting smaller and smaller, but now, we can fit the convenience of a smartphone on our wrist. That’s ingenious! Now, don’t misunderstand me, smart watches don’t pack all the features of a smartphone into a watch like James Bond, but they are very handy to have.

Currently, most smartwatches require a smartphone to pair with so you can get all the function out of it. You can go without pairing, but then it’s just a REALLY expensive, well not really, watch face and that’s it. But one of my absolute favorite features has to be the ability to see my phone notifications on my watch. I don’t have to pull out my phone and consistently run down the charge, just to see that I got an spam email. It allows me to check in meetings and at dinner, as well as while commuting, and allows me to be inconspicuous about it.

My second favorite feature definitely has to be the ability to sync with my FitBit and check my vitals via the face. It’s absolutely the best and fastest way to make sure I’m meeting my workout goals for the day.

I do love spending time customizing my watch as well. There are hundreds of watch face-papers (wallpapers for your watches face) out there, and currently I’m using the Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64 era game) for my watch. I feel like James Bond…

Now I know, you’re asking me if your phone will work with my smart watch or with any of the other watches out there. And the answer is a resounding yes with one minor caveat. If you buy the Samsung Gear, you have to have a Samsung phone. That’s it. That’s the only drawback. Easy right?

All in all, my smart watch is a GREAT addon for my already expanding tech life. Between my Surface, my tablet, my phone and now this watch, I can pretty much work from anywhere, keep in touch with everyone, and even maintain my health, all while being away from my hometown and computer. It’s a wonderful little addition and I’d wholeheartedly suggest looking into getting one.