The answer is no, and that is one of the beauties of bitcoins. make fake bitcoins It might be possible to make something that looks like it might be a fake Bitcoin to someone that doesn’t understand how they work but not one that would ever survive even the first transaction. Well actually it IS possible. It is just not practical. To do it you need more computing power than all the other miners put together, because mining is actually “validating transactions” and you would have to out compute all the other miners to get your fake transaction validated faster than they would repudiate it. If you had that much computing power it’s hard to imagine that you would want to counterfeit Bitcoins, there are far more lucrative things to do with it. Like mine. One of the key characteristics of Bitcoin that many people miss is that it is simply a public ledger. Coins do not exist by themselves. Everyone just agrees that each address in the system owns some number of coins. This isn’t really so different from a bank account. When you write a check to someone, no physical cash is transferred. Instead, everything is done electronically. One account is increased, and another is decreased. The same thing happens when someone sends Bitcoins.