embed a PDF in Microsoft Word It isn’t possible to embed a PDF in the same way as, say, an Excel or Visio object, or whatever, so that you get a ‘live’ document.  But you can either get the content into the document, or create a link to it. The method depends on the PDF software you are using, but you can just copy and paste the contents of the PDF – be aware that you will probably lose a lot of the formatting.  The other drawback to this is that the data is obviously static, so it’s a snapshot of what the PDF looked like when you pasted it.  Any changes to the file will not be reflected in your document. The link (insert an object, and choose Create From File, and browse to your PDF) will insert an icon in the document which will launch the PDF when clicked.  This has the advantage that the PDF can be changed and will still appear in its latest version when opened, and the disadvantage that your user may not have a PDF reader available, or access to the linked file. You can use a PDF to Word converter though.  https://www.pdftoword.com