Submitted by Shiva Purohith

Sun, 29 Sep 2013


Since its launch in 2007 by the search giant Google – Android has invaded the application development market and outrun all competition with its technology and features.This has resulted in majority of the crowd shifting from their traditional OS platforms to the android for their smartphones. According to this market trend it is safe to assume that Android will devastate the market in terms of highest market contribution in the years to come. This is the most overwhelming part of this technology. Android as compared to any of the older OS platforms is totally reliable and dynamic. A great number of app development companies are deeply stirred by this phenomenon in the mobile app industry and are striving to extract unsurpassed benefits from this operating system platform. As an application developer if you have recently become familiar with this cutting-edge Android technology and wish to achieve some major milestones in this industry, then there are a few things you have to keep in mind to articulate award winning Android applications that would give a major breakthrough in your career. Advantages of the Android App Development – > The main motive behind it is to collect information in a simple and speedy fashion and furnish proper user request in return. > The development tools are very simple to use and can be availed by developer rookies as well. > As it is an open source development program, this gives the developers freedom to use all services and design applications without having to get copyrights and other formal necessities. > Provides successful browser features to offer superior services. > Android is based on the Linux kernel which reduces the chances of application crashes and hangs and provides enhanced application security. The business of Android app development is speckles as compared to the other present software development companies. At the moment, Android application developers have the most creative and inspiring abilities, every day they are coming up with innovative and amazing application ideas. Android app development has revealed amazing routes for outsourcing sophisticated android services and skill. The application development companies as a result, are offering the best and lucrative business solutions to their clientele. With Android app development, businesses today can avail extremely top-notch development services at awfully reasonable rates. The Android applications are reliable and cost effective. This saves precious time and finance for the companies which would have otherwise been wasted if they opted for other tedious application development platforms.



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