Top tips for using pinterest for marketing As a restaurant owner or manager, you should be strongly aware of how important visual presentation is for promoting your business. People won’t be satisfied with delicious food alone. The food must also be perfectly presented on a plate and the ambience and décor that go with it should also enhance a patron’s overall dining experience. With online marketing of any kind, you obviously do not have the option of letting the taste of your food do the talking for you. You need to rely on visual factors instead, and that’s what makes Pinterest – a social virtual pinboard website – especially effective for promoting restaurants on the Internet. Here are some tips that can jumpstart your restaurant’s online marketing campaign with Pinterest. Menus It’s important to have images of every page of your menu pinned to your Pinterest board. Offering quick and easy access to your menus online ensures that interested would-be patrons would know the answers to their most important questions about your restaurant. • How much will a patron spend in average for a meal? • What kind or kinds of cuisines do you serve? • Do you have dishes that cater to special diet requirements such as those with diabetes or hypertension? • Do you serve diets that can meet the requirements of specific weight loss programs like the Atkins or Paleo diet? • Do you have a selection of dishes especially prepared for kids? Menus will also likely provide information on delivery and operating hours as well as contact information. If yours does not then you should include such information in your profile page. Promotions and Offers Surely you have images or posters prepared when you have a new promotional offer coming up. If so, be sure to gather them all together in a single board. This board can give customers a better idea of the kind of discounts and incentives they can occasionally expect from your business. You can benefit from such boards. Seeing those marketing artworks and posters in succession should give you an idea of how much you’ve progressed in terms of visual marketing and in which areas there is still some room for improvement. Events All kinds of events can take place in a restaurant. Whatever type it is, an event can always serve as proof that your restaurant is a place people trust to serve as the official and primary venue. Of course, you can’t just pin any photo of such events. You need to make sure that they are worth repinning as well. • The decors you’ve chosen for events – something to establish your expertise in styling • Bands, hosts, and professional entertainers you’ve the “connections” to hire for events in your restaurant • Special equipment and furniture you either own or can help patrons lease for their events • Your employees in special uniforms when serving during VIP events Just remember that if any of the photos you are pinning in your boards include some of your patrons, be sure to get their permission before or after taking those pictures. This way, you’ll have full legal rights to include them in your Pinterest marketing campaign.