USB flash drives are used for business and independent use everyday in the UK and around the world. There are a range of USB drives out there, ranging in costs, features and data storage. ExactTrak have released a data storage flash drive, with features and benefits that may not be shared with other USB drives available on the market at the moment. Benefits exacttrak usb cloud security

Secure Cloud Management Console

This is a virtual storage device which can hold all of your important files and documents; also allowing you to manipulate the USB remotely. A cloud data system are not typical of other USB flash drives.

Data Loss Prevention

The Cloud Management Console on the Security Guardian allows you to automatically backup any files or data that you use the drive for. This means that even if you use your data stick, you can still access and keep the files that were on it. The case with most USB drives is that when they are lost, all the data that is on them is lost along with it. With the Security Guardian, this is not an issue.

Remote On/Off Function

The drive can be remotely turned on or off by the owner, if they think the drive has been lost or the data on it is in some danger of falling into the wrong hands. It can not be accessed when turned off; keeping your data safe. Most USB flash drives do not have this function. as a separate battery is needed. Most just run from the power of a PC or laptop when it is plugged in.

Remotely Deletes Data

Similarly, if you believe that your data has fallen into the wrong hands, and contains personal or classified files,the drive can be  remotely wiped by the owner. This feature means that you can completely eliminate the possibility of data theft. 16 Р250GB of Storage This is a phenomenal amount of storage to have on a flash drive. With most USB sticks on the market providing an average of 4GB of storage, the security guardian provides the possibility of storing countless data and files for your use . This allows you to take some of the pressure off your main PC.

GPS Tracking System

The Security Guardian features a GPS tracking system, so that if you lose your flash drive then you can track its whereabouts at any point. This could help you recover the drive, or delete its contents, depending on where it ends up.

Internal Battery System

This is an independent power source that resides within the USB drive, which enables the function of it, without it being plugged into a power source. This feature allows all of the other functions and benefits of the drive to occur.

Authorised Access/ Exclusion Zones

These two features allow the user to create classified areas of the stick that only certain people can access. You can lend out the drive and exclude some zones from being accessed, whilst allowing others to be authorised for use. This means that you can store all that you need, on just one drive.