The cost of a one-hour driving lesson in Leicester is rising to £25.00 in 2014. Jon Matthews Driving School, the dynamic driving school in Leicester, announced the increase in a blog post in November, 2013. This makes a price increase of £1.50 or 6.3% in real terms for their standard rate. A typical learner-driver, therefore, will end up paying an extra £67.50 for a 45 hour driving course. This could easily have gone towards 3 more driving lessons. The average driving instructor salary has taken a battering during the recession years and with the UK economy seemingly on a positive path to recovery, maybe it’s a good judgement on the speed of the development. PayScale, the wage tracking specialists, says that mid level instructors’ salary have dropped by 1.7% from £25,000 to just under £21,000. And that’s within 5 months alone. Driving lessons prices have tumbled indeed over the last few years because of an influx of new instructors, a increased job dissatisfaction, redundancies and different government cuts to wages and benefits. As a result, driving instructors have had to work harder, and longer, to acquire new business just to retain the same level of income. But that streak is about to come to a sudden end. The Leicester driving school is championing a price increase on the cost of driving lessons, in line with trends in the wider economy. It is commonplace to find cheap driving lessons at every turn, and this is putting some driving instructors out of business. The very unlucky ones have declared bankruptcy or found another career path, mostly in the personal car hire industry. However, the price increase, announced in it’s blog on November 30th states that new price for driving lessons will rise to £25.00 for weekend driving lessons. Despite the price increase, Jon Matthews Driving School still remains one of the cheapest driving schools for driving tuition in Leicester, and surrounding towns. According to the public relations director, Jon Matthews, novice drivers can commence improving their driving skills from as little as £85.00 for an 8-Hour introductory offer ‘Of course, there are terms involved, but it’s still a great deal.’ Mr. Matthews went on to say; ‘We also have some great savings on driving lessons. For example our Pack 17 is still  £17.00 per hour for qualifying 16 & 17 year old learners.Meanwhile, we also have Saver Pack Options which start at £21.00 per hour for anyone 18 and above. Even so, Learner drivers can still buy even cheaper driving lessons in our Premium Pack range from as little as £19.05 with the promise to book another driving test if they do not pass on the first attempt. It’s always a win-win situation for learners. But it’s not all bad news. The new price will only apply for weekend driving classes. All weekday, including evening driving lessons will remain the same. Jon Matthews Driving School had always followed a flat rate policy on driving lessons prices.  This U-turn will also bring the pricing policy in line with DVSA charging module, which charges a higher premium for weekend driving tests. Other courses and services run by Jon Matthews Driving School include;

  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • Pack 17 Driving Lessons
  • Intensive Driving Courses

For more information about the company and for new customers wanting to take advantage of booking early to secure the same rates beyond the 4th of January, should visit the company’s website: Meanwhile, the January sale is on.