In early November the team behind CyanogenMod released their own installer for public use. They released it for only a few number of devices and claimed you didn’t need root access. This was a big step forward, the fact you didn’t need root access to install CyanogenMod (CM) made it a much simpler and smoother process. The other day i got a chance to try out the installer on my Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint). CM installer I was running stock TouchWiz, but i was rooted. I downloaded the app off their website and followed the instructions one the app. The instructions were pretty straightforward and i had no initial problems. After I downloaded the installer onto my computer, verified that it had detected my device, I clicked install. I was still somewhat unsure weather it was going to be that easy. I had not previously installed device drivers for my Note 2, on my computer. The first thing the installer was put the phone in to download mode to install the custom recovery it was going to use. I waited a bit then it said “We couldn’t talk to your phone”. So I pulled the battery out and restarted my phone. I tried again to make sure i didn’t do something wrong. Got the same message in the same place. I then went to the wiki page to look for troubleshooting, that had a section just for Samsung devices. The first step to try said to remove Kies (an app) and reboot. It was a system app, but luckily I was rooted so i removed it and rebooted my phone. I then tried again skeptical that it would actually work now just because I removed that app. To my surprise it got past the point of installing the custom recovery, it then installed the OS followed by the Google apps package. It then automatically rebooted my phone. It took awhile to boot as it usually does when you install a new ROM so i wasn’t surprised. The installer doesn’t tell you what version of android it is going to give you. It gave me android 4.3.1 i was a little disappointed that it wasn’t KitKat but it was still a nice upgrade from 4.1.2. My first impressions were that it was extremely fast and lightweight it took up almost no space on my phone. Overall it was a very smooth process and I would defiantly recommend you try it if your device is supported.