Students drop out of College for various reasons. Student stress management

  • Not being able to advocate for oneself – (somewhere Malcolm Gladwell shows affluent parents encouraging children to ask a doctor questions, something that doesn’t happen in low-income communities)
  • Little experience with electronic communication – especially online collaboration
  • Lack of organizational skills – keeping up with assignments, using a planner, etc
  • Social isolation – few others around with shared experiences, feeling like an outcast

Why they may drop out.

  • Money to continue.
  • Poor academic progress due to poor academic background
  • Poor academic progress due to poor support systems in the college
  • Poor definition of desired career path bring loss of interest
  • Falling in with the “wrong crowd” in the culture of poverty whether on or off campus (easy, as the students may not tend to relate as well to those with greater means)
  • Need to work to support home/family

Why they may stay. (just flip the above)

  • Money to continue
  • Proper, fair schooling before college
  • Proper support systems for low income students in the college
  • Exposure before college to career options/possibilities and their nature
  • Finding a place of belonging with the right people
  • Stable home/family