Archos is a smaller electronics mostly known for their cheap tablets. When CES rolls around they plan to announce their 2 new phones. The Helium 45 and the Helium 50. The phones look very similar, most of the differences are hardware instead of aesthetic. Helium 45 The Helium 45 will come stock with Android 4.3 “Jelly Bean” . It will sport a 1.4 ghz quad-core Qualcomm processor. It has 4g capabilities as well, as for the screen it has a  854 x 480 with IPS technology.Helium 50 The only main differences between the Helium 50 and the Helium 45 are display size & resolution and memory. The Helium 50 has a 5 in. display with a resolution of 720p, and comes with 8 GB of memory instead of 4 GB.