best spots to see milky way at night sky astronomy students You can see the Milky Way very easily in the Bolivian Southwestern Highlands.

You can see Milky Way anywhere you can see it with your naked eyes, on a clear night when the moon is not up. When you get away from light pollution it is extremely easy to see with youreyes and looks like a faintly-lit cloudy band across the sky, except that it’s behindthe stars and there are no actual clouds anywhere. If you can’t see it clearly with your eyes, that means it’s being obscured by a layer of light pollution, so your camera won’t see it either, no matter how good your equipment is.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to find places without light pollution. If you live near an ocean, try to get to a beach far away from the city, since there is seldom light pollution over the ocean. Sparing that, look for a national park, state forest, wildlife reserve, or other such place which usually do not install street lights and don’t have cars buzzing around all the time.Your altitude itself will not make a difference, but high altitude places may coincidentally be far away from civilization; mountaintops on clear days are usually also a good option if you have a safe way to get up/down at night or camp there.