Here are some ways you can improve your posture . correct posture 1) Move constantly. The body likes variability and will conform to whatever habits you participate in most. If you sit all the time, your body will conform to the chair (i.e.-tight hips, rounded shoulders, rounded back, and forward head). Try and get up and move every 15-20 minutes. 2) Active sitting. When you do sit, try and keep a neutral spine and don’t slouch. Sitting in a slouch posture actually overstretched the spinal ligaments in the back and is not good for the discs. It also inhibits breathing and can lead to things like tension headaches, fatigue, mental fogginess, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. 3) Participate in a balanced exercise program. If you sit in a chair all day and then get on a bike for exercise, you are just reinforcing the same seated posture in the gym that you are in at work. Doing activities to get your body out of flexion and into extension is important. Walking is a great posture exercise at it keeps you upright, as well as yoga, stretching and balanced strength training routines that stretch tight points and strengthen weak points. If you need tips on starting a balanced exercise routine, find a qualified personal trainer or yoga instructor in your area. Walk faster Do Yoga –… Do Weight exercise like Deadlift, Squats, Plank… Lose the bad shoes – Wear heels sparingly. The best everyday shoes have arch support, wide toe boxes and no more than one-inch heels.… Adjustable Desk Chair with Footrest – A highly adjustable desk chair with a footrest maximizes the ability to design a sitting space that reduces spinal pressure, resulting in good posture and relief from neck and back stiffness. Elevating your feet while seated by placing them on a footrest or stack of phone books helps to shift the center of gravity backward and improve posture… Swim. Take ballet classes – Everything in ballet requires good posture. In time, the posture utilized in the dance translates to every part of a dancer’s life.