Omegle strangers keep asking for Kik I’ve tried out Omegle and noticed some strangers (or Bots) asking to connect with me on Kik.  I suspect some of the ones I chatted with were bots because even though I clearly told them I don’t use Kik nor do I want to get it, they still insisted on me getting it and they gave me their Kik user ID.  Some bot’s are advanced and can respond to you based on Questions you ask just like how Siri on the iPhone can respond to you.  Some people can easily be fooled and think they are chatting with a real person but in reality they are chatting with bots. If an Omegle stranger starts the chat with “Please tell me you are not a bot” then you should just end that bot because 99% of the time it is a bot that is trying to sound like it’s a real human. The reason these bots or strangers keep insisting on connecting with you on Kik is because they want to spam you.  They can send you Kik messages directly to your phone or take advantage of other spam techniques.  Once they ask you or mention Kik immediately end the chat