Many of the items that we amass over the years are either only valuable to us personally for sentimental reasons or are slightly valuable but can easily be replaced. However, there will be a couple of items that have quite a bit of value attached to them and that you would struggle to reinstate should they get broken or lost, and these are the items that you will be particularly keen to transport safely during a move. Moving home is stressful enough as it is without having to deal with costly possessions getting damaged in the process, especially if this is through no fault of your own. Therefore it is necessary to take these precautionary measures to ensure your valuables arrive at your new home in the same condition as they left your old one.

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Package Them Responsibly – Packing may be one of the most boring and monotonous parts of moving home but if you are going to ensure your high value items make the trip in one piece then you are going to have to take extra care at this stage. There’s often a need to double, triple and even quadruple wrap these items but this can be more difficult when dealing with larger possessions such as pianos and antique furniture. In these situations you should look for padding materials such as polystyrene chips, bubble wrap and old duvet covers. It’s also important to remember that any materials that you use to bind the packaging to the item could cause damage when they come to be removed. Be very careful where you place the Selotape and ensure there are no small bits of grit trapped under the packaging that could cause scratches. Find A Trusted Removal Firm – Perhaps the best way to make sure that your whole moving experience goes to plan and your expensive possessions are transported safely is to hire a trusted and experienced removal company, like this one in Bath for example. Look out for online reviews as these will give you the best idea of how well equipped any company is to handle your prized belongings, or seek advice from a friend who was in a similar situation recently. Alternatively, you could ask your local antiques dealer or independent furniture store if they have any trusted partners that they could recommend to do a good job. Always inform your chosen company of your worries over any items so that they know to take extra care of those specific packages. They can also make special arrangements ahead of time to secure your precious cargo in the van. Make Arrangements For The Worst Case Scenario – No matter how careful you are when packing or how delicate your removal company is, accidents can still occur. And that is why you should make arrangements for the worst case scenario in the form of insurance. Good removal firms will already have certain standards of cover but they may not be able to offer you the relevant policy for the item you are transporting. Even the best removal companies can only provide valuation cover and so the best way to ensure you will receive the full amount of compensation should the worst happen is to take out cover with a specialist insurance provider.

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By Chris Mayhew