I have noticed the negative iON bracelet I bought at the Mall of America had instant effects on me.  I have noticed several things that made me believe it has improved me. reverse ion bracelets do work 1.  I had more energy than average and looked more alert according to one of my friends. 2.  I carry my laptop around for writing posts for Techlivewire.com, and carrying my laptop around isn’t fun for my shoulder.  I often switch shoulders so I don’t burden just one shoulder.  Right after putting that ion bracelet on, I have noticed that it is very easy for me to carry the laptop around without any shoulder heaviness and discomfort.  It doesn’t bug me to carry around my laptop anymore without switching shoulders to carry on. 3.  The Minnesota weather is very cold and believe me when I say I love to be indoors as much as possible.  I lived in Minnesota for many years and I just can’t get used to the cold.  What I have noticed is that I feel less of the cold as soon as I put that bracelet on.  Even though it is still cold, it feels less than average to me. In conclusion it appears ion bracelets do work but I cannot be 100% sure.  Each person will respond in their own way to them.