ozzy-musa The sure guaranteed way to get yourself removed from Radaris is through a lawsuit as I am doing now. They stole an image of me and my friend from Facebook and they posted City I live in and First/Last name without my permission. This is infringement of federal copyright law. I am now talking to a local Minnesota lawyer and will soon proceed to sue them. You can also file a DMCA complaint with Google but that will only remove the Radaris page with your personal info from search results and not from the actual Radaris site. Best option for you is to sue them. They have a bot that went to Myspace and Facebook (and probably still does) to scrape user pictures and personal content. U.S. copyright law says a work is copyrighted the moment a person takes that photo or makes that song. Basically you can file an infringement lawsuit against them and get money for damages. Radaris uses stolen profile pics and names to use on Mylife.com which is owned by Radaris so people can search people.   Radaris has been sued before too for offering a people search service that does not work right. It can be especially be embarassing for Radaris to show your arrest or criminal records.  Doing the Google DMCA complaint only removes you from results but people can still search Radaris itself and still see you.