If you are looking for the best energizing and relaxing music on YouTube, here it is.

Beautiful Relaxing Spring Lounge Cafe Del Mar Chill Out Mix 2013 HD


Track List

Frank Borell – Dreamland (World Percussion Mix) Ocean Blue – Just Like That (Spring 2 Summer Mix) Mahoroba – Violet Dreams (Space Pioneers Mix) Cafe Americaine – Lala Time (You Have Time Mix) Pascal Dubois – Beach Pearl on Ibiza (White Waves Cut) Moon Patrol-Sky Children (Horizon Slide Cut) Skysurfer – Always Away (Wide Open Mix) Frank Borell – Beautiful Dreamin’ (Vocal Mix) [feat. Jenny Kiwool] Mahoroba – City Chord (5th Avenue Mix) The Man Behind C. – Pitcard (Dreamguitar Mix) Noise Boyz – So Often Pensive (Federal Groove Cut) Chillwalker – A Summermovie (Sunflower Mix) Cocogroove – Walk in the Moonlight (Milkyway Cut) Mahoroba – Atmospheric Pearls (Wide Open Space Cut) Pascal Dubois – Love Thing (Futurevoice Mix) Aircraft 72 – Beyond My Dreams (Beachguitar Mix) Deeparture – Dream on (Far Away Mix) Citrus Jam – Blues la mer (Dreamwaves Mix) Mahoroba – Amazing Colours (Fly with Me Mix) Alexsandro Da Silva – My Celebration (Vocal Mix) Chillwalker – Lazy Summer Eve (Sunshine Mix) Frank Borell – Voice Over the Sky (Brilliance Cut) Orange Music – For Your Pleasure (Open Mind Mix) Pascal Dubois – Lovely Nights (Tata Mix) Thermodynamics – Visions of Astronauts (Blue Planet Mix) Chillwalker – Dancing in the Sunrise (Bossa Beach Cut) Bay Area – San Francisco Sun (Chinatown Mix) Pascal Dubois – Soda Club (Seabar Mix) Frank Borell – Oldfield (Flower Mix) Chillwalker – Cookeys and Milk (Unplugged Mix)