internet explorer 8 fix WordPress compatibility You may have noticed that Internet Explorer version 8 or 9 may not be displaying your site right.  You can use an online tool like Netrenderer to see if your site displays well on various versions of Internet Explorer.  Most people use Chrome but a good amount of people still use that old IE 8 or 9 so it is definitely important for you to have your site displayed on older browsers like those. If your site is not displaying correctly according to results you see in Netrenderer then you can add the following line to your wordpress header.php file right after <title> and the issue should be fixed.  Worked for me on Make sure to change the ” so it actually works because if you copy and paste this as it is, it won’t work.  I am not sure exactly how the below script makes wordpress sites compatible with older versions of IE but  googlecode .js file surely has a way of making sites adjust to older browsers. <script src=””></script>