Godaddy fraud charging peoples card without permission Godaddy or should I say ThiefDaddy is still charging people’s cards without their permission.  I never even authorized Godaddy to even save my card let alone charge it, luckily I use disposable credit cards because I know some online companies do this kind of thing.  ThiefDaddy is quite desparate to get into your wallets.  I think they loosing customers fast so they are taking drastic actions.  I will mention just the kind of drastic actions they are taking below but first let’s look at the pic of the attempts they made against me and let’s show you how you can prevent Godaddy from automatically charging your Paypal account. To remove Godaddy from automatically charging your Paypal account, go to My Account > Profile > My Money and then finally on the bottom right you will see “My preauthorized payments”, click that and you can remove Paypal or anyone you don’t want to automatically charge you on renewals. Godaddy steals charges automatically Godaddy attempted to charge my old disposable credit card at least 3 times even though it declined the first time and I never EVER gave them any authorization to charge my card. If you thought this is the worst Godaddy can do to a person think again.  They have made it nearly impossible to migrate to another host and away from Godaddy.  They want to keep customers badly that they take extreme measures like not allowing a person to zip up their whole html directory so they can go to another host, they have a 20mb limit for compressing all files so a person can download the backup.  Most webmasters have way more than 20mb of content on their server and Godaddy knows that.  Godaddy doesn’t use Cpanel control panel like most normal hosts do because that would give the customer too much control and Godaddy doesn’t want that.  Godaddy has their own crappy control panel that is ugly and horrible to navigate. Godaddy also automatically switches back Nameservers against the webmasters will (even though the webmaster was clearly the one that initiated the nameserver switch).  I made a website for the chiropractor and also various other customers and have noticed that each time I try and link Godaddy domain name to another host’s nameservers, Godaddy will automatically switch back nameservers.  When we called them and asked why they did that against our will, they said “It was a system glitch” and I doubt it was a glitch.