Yota unveiled a dual screen smartphone that is android-powered, launches In russia And beyond for €499

dual screen e-ink smartphone by Yota

Dual screen smartphone by Yota

Yota says the reason behind the dual screens is to deliver the information users want, right when they want it, without disengaging from the real world by pressing a power button and unlocking a screen. Users can choose to see information ranging from news stories to social media updates, calendar entries, and more. Since the E-ink display uses very little battery power, the phone’s 2100mAh pack should allow users to enjoy usage comparable to devices with a single display.
Yotaphone dual screen smartphone

The phone isn’t expected to become available until Q4 2013


Always On

The electronic paper display is always on, but in a less disturbing and more user-friendly way. You can easily see notices, emails, tweets, and other information in real time without picking up or even activating your phone.
The electronic paper display does not have to go dark to save battery life. Even if the battery is empty, the most recent information on the EPD remains visible.
Yota phone dual screen specs features

Never Miss A Thing

You can use it to save important information. Save anything from a route on a map, to a boarding pass, to theatre tickets.

Dual displays aren’t the only feature the YotaPhone has to tout, though. Here’s a quick rundown of its other specs:

  • 4.3″ LCD display at 1280×720 (that’s about 340ppi)
  • 4.3″ e-ink display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Krait processor
  • LTE (bands 3, 7, 20 MIMO) connectivity
  • 32 or 64GB Internal storage
  • 12MP main camera with unspecified “HD” front camera
  • 2100mAh battery
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Combined power button/SIM slot


Yota phone

Stand Out
from the Crowd.

YotaPhone helps you express yourself better. Get rid of your phone cases and change your personal wallpaper on the e-ink screen any time you want.
Create a personal manifesto by placing your achievements and information on the back screen. Keep motivating yourself to achieve your personal goals.  

Never Miss A Thing


Once it appears on the second screen it stays there until you need it.


You can see the whole picture, full list.


Now you will not miss an important call, the reminder will not disappear from the screen as it was before.


You’ll never forget or miss anything even if you want to.


The weather interface always shows accurate and relevant information.


You will always be ready for both your business meetings and personal matters.

Have you ever missed an important call, message or notification simply because it only appeared on your screen for a brief moment? The electronic paper display on the YotaPhone shows all vital notifications of your choice on-screen for as long as you need them or until you are ready to respond to them.