Here is how to edit a track without loosing lap times and other detailed GPS information: Endomondo edit route 1. Export the workout to .. let’s say gpx 2. In any web browser – Logon to your newly created RunKeeper user. 3. Choose Post New Activity – and import the gpx file 4. click next and edit (and save) track in workout (All this during import) 5. Immediately after finishng import –> export track 6. re-import to Endo or You can also try the following. 1) Access the workout in question and click ‘To Route’ on the right-hand side of the map. 2) Name the route and click ‘Save’ (thus you mark it as a route). We recommend to save it as ‘Private’ so it is easier to find later on. 3) Click ‘Edit’ underneath the map (make sure you are on the Route, not the Workout). 4) Adjust the track points using the instructions on the right-hand side and click ‘Save’. 5) Access ‘Workouts’ then ‘New Workout’ and choose ‘Select route for new workout’ 6) Select the route you just corrected and click ‘Next’ on the right-hand side. 7) Enter the title (optional), start time and duration and click ‘Save’.