Sick and tired of that K9 babysitting you by blocking websites you love?  Here are some ways to getting around that annoyance. K9 bypass web protection

Method 1

You can use windows explorer to go to c:windowssystem32drivers and delete bckd.sys Make sure you keep a copy and DON’T empty the recycle bin. Reboot your computer and K9 will have been neutered. When you’re finished, copy bckd.sys back into the c:windowssystem32drivers directory and reboot again.

Method 2

Goto C:program filesblue coat k9 web protection and delete as many as files you can delete, rename the remaining files (rename k9 filter.exe to k9 filter.xxxx ) change the extension so that it is no more remain an executable(.exe) file. Now, goto C:windowssystem32drivers  it may be D: or any other drive. You must locate to ..windowssystem32drivers. Now look for the “bckd.sys” file and move this file to a different folder then restart. After restart, for safe play delete the remaining k9 files and log folder from C:program filesblue coat k9 web protection folder and now you can enjoy unrestricted browsing.  

Another method

Download “Bypass K9 Web Protectionv1.2” from . You need to register first (Free) and then enter Members Area. This software has a feature to restore Admin original settings too.