Quickbooks pro 2014 learning videos tutorials This is one of the most asked Questions by the public.  When you first look at Quickbooks, you may wonder if it will be hard to learn but the truth is that it can be learned.   Below are some free tutorials from Wikihow on how to do various tasks on Quickbooks. Here are some free Quickbooks Pro 2013 and 2014 training videos to help you learn Quickbooks easily.

Free QuickBooks Pro Tutorials and Lessons

Chapter 1: Getting Started In QuickBooks Pro 2013 Lesson 1-1: Create A New Company File – Watch Video Lesson 1-2: Change The Location of The Icons On The Icon Bar – Watch Video Lesson 1-3: Add or Remove Icons – Watch Video Lesson 1-4: Change The Icon’s Graphic,Text or Description – Watch Video Lesson 1-5: Change The Icon Bar Color and Add Company Flag – Watch Video Lesson 1-6: Setup The Favorites Menu – Watch Video Lesson 1-7: What is the Chart of Accounts – View Step By Step Lesson 1-8: Add A New Account To The Chart Of Accounts – Watch Video Lesson 1-9: Edit, Merge or Delete an Account – Watch Video Lesson 1-10: Add / Create A New Sub-Account – Watch Video Chapter 2: Working In The Customer Center Lesson 2-1:  Add A New Customer To The Customer List – Watch Video Lesson 2-2: Add Multiple Customers At Once – Watch Video Lesson 2-3: Customize the Customer Center – View Step By Step Lesson 2-4: Create A New Job – View Step By Step Lesson 2-5: Delete A Job – View Step By Step Lesson 2-6: Delete A Customer – View Step By Step Lesson 2-7: Make A Customer Inactive – View Step By Step Lesson 2-8: Merge Customers – View Step By Step Lesson 2-9: Create A Custom Field – View Step By Step Lesson 2-10: Create A Custom Report With Custom Fields – View Step By Step Lesson 2-11: Hide Customer’s Credit Card Numbers – View Step By Step Chapter 3: Working In The Vendor Center Lesson 3-1: What is The Vendor Center –  View Step By Step Lesson 3-2: Create A New Vendor – View Step By Step Lesson 3-3: Add Multiple Vendors At Once –  View Step By Step Lesson 3-4: Customize the Vendor Center –  View Step By Step Lesson 3-5: Edit A Vendor – View Step By Step Lesson 3-6: Delete A Vendor From List – View Step By Step Lesson 3-7: Make Vendor Inactive – View Step By Step Lesson 3-8: Merge Vendors – View Step By Step Lesson 3-9: Create A Custom Field – View Step By Step Lesson 3-10: Create A Vendor Report with Custom Fields – View Step By Step Lesson 3-11: Make Vendors Eligible for 1099 Form – View Step By Step Chapter 4 – Create Items Lesson 4-1: What Is An Item In QuickBooks? –  View Step By Step Lesson 4-2: Create An Inventory Item – View Step By Step Lesson 4-3: Create A Service Item – View Step By Step Lesson 4-4: Create An Other Charge Item – View Step By Step Lesson 4-5: Create A Non-Inventory Item – View Step By Step Lesson 4-6: Create A Discount Item – View Step By Step Lesson 4-7: Create A Subtotal Item – View Step By Step Lesson 4-8: Add Multiple Items At Once –  Watch Video Chapter 5 – Sales Tax Lesson 5-1: What is Sales Tax – Read (In progress) Lesson 5-2: How To Set Up Sales Tax, including the Tax Rate and Tax Agency – Watch Video Lesson 5-3: Add An Additional Sales Tax Item – Watch Video Lesson 5-4: How To Charge Multiple Sales Tax Rates – Watch Video Lesson 5-5: Assign Sales Tax Items To A Customer – Watch Video Lesson 5-6: How To Create A Sales Tax Report – Watch Video Lesson 5-7: Create A Tax Exempt Customer – Watch Video Lesson 5-8: How To Pay Sales Tax – Watch Video Chapter 6 – Invoicing Your Customers Lesson 6-1: What is an Invoice – Read Lesson 6-2: Review The Basic Parts Of An Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-3: Create A New Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-4: Create Multiple Invoices At Once (Batch Invoicing) – Watch Video Lesson 6-5: How To Memorize An Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-6: Void Or Delete An Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-7: Create A Credit Memo And Give Refund for An Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-8: Create A Credit Memo Not Related To An Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-9: Create An Estimate – Watch Video Lesson 6-10: What Is A Progress Invoice – Read Lesson 6-11: Create A Progress Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 6-12: How To Differentiate Customers By Using Multiple Invoice Number Series – Watch Video Chapter 7 – Accounts Receivable and Customer Payments Lesson 7-1: What is Accounts Receivable – Read Lesson 7-2: How Is the Accounts Receivable Balance Increased? – Watch Video Lesson 7-3: How To Search and Find A Customer’s Outstanding Invoice – Watch Video  <<<New Lesson 7-4: Receive A Customer Payment and Apply It To An Invoice – Watch Video Lesson 7-5: How To Record A Deposit – Watch Video Lesson 7-6: How To Handle An Overpayment – Watch Video  <<<New Lesson 7-7: How To Handle An Underpayment – Watch Video  Lesson 7-8: How To Write Off An Underpayment for An Invoice – Watch Video   <<<New Lesson 7-9: How To Delete A Deposit – In Progress More training videos coming soon.