Some people are reporting that they can play Netflix on tablets they own such as the Dell Venue 7 or 8, and others are reporting they can’t smoothly play Netflix without stuttering.  According to the Dell official page for the Venue 8, the Z2580 Intel Atom processor can play Netflix well.  Below quote is from Dell’s website which says you should be able to stream in stunning high definition and yet people cannot do it.

High-def details:Enjoy every detail of your favorite apps, like Netflix, on a stunning HD screen. You may want to consider visiting the XDA Dell Venue overclocking forum so you can overclock your CPU to be able to handle tough gaming and video playback. Intel atom playback video netflix problems It may be that the people who reported they can’t play Netflix well, are using tablets or android devices with older Intel Atom processors. If you look at Netbooks, some can do 720p (maybe even 1080p) and some can’t.   It is because the newer Intel Atom processors can handle bigger tasks like playing 720p video. Most apps on Intel Atom android devices work just fine, but many high profile apps especially video players such as Netflix and many games don’t work due to a dependency on the ARM instruction set. Some video player apps like MX Player allow you to switch away from hardware to Software video decoding which helps make things play smoother on some devices, but Netflix is it’s own app and streams videos through it’s own app so using MX Player to stream Netflix is out of the question unless some smart hacker finds a way.