Here is a tutorial on how to hide your Whatsapp last seen status time.  These steps apply to android and iPhone users.  I don’t know if these steps also work on Blackberry smartphones as I don’t have a Blackberry to test on. hide whatsapp last seen status time In android devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC smartphones you can Open the app and tick “Block Last Seen”. Now Open the WhatsApp, now you will see the data connection went off automatically as soon as you open WA.

  • Read and send the messages, then close the Whatsapp screen.
  • Once you’re out of the Whatsapp screen, the data connection will enable automatically.

For iPhone iOS 7 users Go to whatsapp Settings.

  • Now go Chat Settings > Advanced > Last Seen Time-stamp Off.
  • Now this feature take 24 hours to effect, also take 24 hours to toggle it back.
  • After that no one trace your last seen time. If you are online that it appear as Online.