bit-coin-alternatives Here are some alternatives to Bitcoin for you to mine.  It seems like there is always some new form of online currency coming out.  Litecoin is gaining in popularity very fast, and is easier to mine.  You can use your CPU only to mine for LiteCoin.  Some of these have their own mining apps.  You can even mine on Ubuntu or any Linux in addition to mining on Windows. If you are serious about mining,  you should know that It’s better for you to use a GPU to mine than a CPU.  It is hardly worth it to use a CPU for mining.

Namecoin (NMC)

Litecoin (LTC)

  • blocks every 2.5 min
  • coin supply* 84 million coins will be available
  • difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks
  • hashing algorithm scrypt
  • Initial Reward 50 coins per block
  • Market Cap: 150,000 BTC
  • Launch Date: October 2011

PPCoin (PPC)

  • blocks every 10 min
  • Coin supply* non-deterministic coins will be available
  • difficulty adjustment each block
  • hashing algorithm SHA-256
  • Reward varies on difficulty coins per block
  • EXTRA: Incorporates Proof Of Stake coin Generation, contains central checksums to kickstart the protocol
  • Market Cap: ???? BTC
  • Launch Date: approx August 19th, 2012 (date of its whitepaper)
    • The public design phase of this coin was very brief.

New as of 12/02/2013

Betacoin (BET)

  • Blocks every 4 min
  • Coin supply* 32 million coins will be mined in ~ first 6 years + 0,39% annual
  • Difficulty adjustment* 6 blocks
  • Hashing algorithm SHA256d
  • Initial Reward 128 coins per block
  • Block reward halfed every 126k blocks (~ 1 year)
  • Launch Date: October, 2013


AnonCoin (ANC)

Anoncoins goal is to make the user more Anonymous by having built-in support for I2P, Coincontrol, and more in the future.

PhenixCoin (PXC)

Key elements of infrastructure and sites to use PXC on already in place. More and more sites adopt PXC as a means of payment. Strategic partnership with Feathercoin (FTC) and Worldcoin (WDC) created.

FeatherCoin (FTC)


CraftCoin (CRC)

  • Based on Litecoin
  • Portable in-game currency for Minecraft Servers
  • 206,847 total coins


Tonal Bitcoin (TBC)

  • Tonal Bitcoin
  • (merged mined with BTC)
  • (blockchain shared with BTC)
  • (automatically converted to/from BTC)
  • blocks every 10 min
  • Coin supply* 7.8 tam coins will be available
  • difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks
  • hashing algorithm SHA-256
  • Initial Reward 1,2905.2 coins per block
  • Market Cap: $144,000,000 (Jan 5th, 2013)
  • Launch Date: January 2rd, 2011

IxCoin (IXC)

Devcoin (DEV)

  • (merged mined with BTC)
  • blocks every 10 min
  • coin supply* constant generation coins will be available (???)
  • difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks
  • hashing algorithm SHA256d
  • Reward 50,000 coins per block
  • EXTRA 90% block subsidy goes to foundation

Freicoin (FRC)

photo credit Zcopley