Verizon Wireless on Tuesday unveiled a Mall of America store that resembles the mall’s Apple and Microsoft stores, but aims to top them in every way.

Update new video of Wednesday public launch.

Mall of America verizon wireless mega store launch grand opening I was just at the Mall of America and noticed that a lot of executives were invited to a pre-launch event here at the Mall of America for a Mega Verizon Wireless store.  Mall security officers were their doing the event Security.  This is quite possibly the biggest Verizon wireless store in the whole country if not the whole world.  It looks just as big or bigger than the Apple Store.  A store this large will surely make a big profit for Verizon Wireless.   A Verizon employee told me that Tomorrow 11/20/13 will be the real grand opening launch and Selena Gomez will be there.  Other celebrities will also drop b throughout the week.  Watch video I recorded below. Verizon wireless mall of america mega store