android kit kat features  

Top Ten Features


  • User interface tweaks
  • New dialer, caller ID
  • Unified Hangouts messaging app
  • Smarter Google Now integration
  • Better support for cloud printing
  • Chrome WebView
  • Step detector, counter
  • Enhanced support for connectivity options
  • Better accessibility options
  • Screen recording


All Kitkat Features:

  • Making Android for everyone

  • New NFC capabilities through Host Card Emulation

  • Printing framework

  • Storage access framework

  • Low-power sensors

  • Sensor batching

  • Step Detector and Step Counter


SMS provider

  • New ways to build beautiful apps

  • Full-screen Immersive mode

  • Transitions framework for animating scenes

  • Translucent system UI styling

  • Enhanced notification access

  • Chromium WebView


New media capabilities

  • Screen recording

  • Resolution switching through adaptive playback

  • Common Encryption for DASH

  • HTTP Live Streaming

  • Audio Tunneling to DSP

  • Audio monitoring

  • Loudness enhancer

  • Audio timestamps for improved AV sync

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™


RenderScript Compute

  • Ongoing performance improvements

  • GPU acceleration

  • RenderScript in the Android NDK


  • GLES2.0 SurfaceFlinger

  • New Hardware Composer support for virtual displays


New Types of Connectivity

  • New Bluetooth profiles

  • IR Blasters

  • Wi-Fi TDLS support


  • System-wide settings for closed captioning

  • Enhanced Accessibility APIs

Support for international Users

  • Drawable mirroring for RTL locales

  • Force RTL Layout


Security enhancements

  • SELinux (enforcing mode)

  • Improved cryptographic algorithms

  • Other enhancements


Tools for analyzing memory use

  • Procstats
  • On-device memory status and profiling