I finally found a tool that can make a live USB of almost any ISO imaginable.   Don’t you just hate being stuck at that black Syslinux screen with the blinking curser?  The fix for this is simple.  Don’t use Unetbootin or LilLi.  Just use this tool here below to create your bootable distro or live USB.  It worked for me perfectly.  My other laptop now lives again after being stuck at that screen until I finally found a Linux USB installer that can boot things without getting stuck at Syslinux.   With more and more people leaving that annoying Windows 8 for nice Linux distros like Linux Mint, people will start encountering problems like these and thank God people release software like WinSetupFromUSB to make our lives easier.  The cause of getting stuck on that Syslinux screen is due to the type of USB flash drive you are booting from.  Some flash drives have weird partitions that mess things up.  SanDisk is the one that most often causes this getting stuck at Syslinux black screen. http://techlivewire.com/3170/windows-7-usb-dvd-tool-alternative.html http://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/System/System-Enhancements/WinSetupFromUSB.shtml fix linux boot stuck blinking curser winsetupusb