If you are looking for an alternative to Windows 7 USB dvd tool which often doesn’t work right.   Here are tools that do exactly what Windows 7 USB DVD tool does but better and with more features/options.  If you are sick of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool errors like I am, then here are some alternatives for you.


This one supports Windows 8 too.  You can make a bootable Windows or Linux installer easily. WinSetupFromUSB is a tool to make Windows setup To USB Flash Drive what it can be used for adding to your USB stick/disk:

1. multiple Windows XP/2kX sources in the same partition (up to 10). They have to be in the first partition of the disk! Existing folders ~BT and ~LS and TXTSETUP.SIF will be renamed, and SETUPLDR.BIN and SETUPDD.SYS patched against the new names. Checksum checks are also corrected. BTS OEM folders are supported and renamed accordingly. 2. BartPE/WinBulder/UBCD4Win/WinFLPC (NOT ramdisk versions) to any primary partition. Multiple BartPE for example, in the SAME partition are NOT supported. Neither is the mix of them on a single partition. 3. Vista/Windows 7 setup to different primary partitions. Multiple Vista sources in the SAME partition are NOT supported. Place your second Vista setup in another partition. It can be placed on any primary partition. 4. PartedMagic, a friendly Linux distro including GParted- open source partition manager. 5. SyLinux bootsector, and optionally a directory, containing (Linux) distro booting off SysLinux. For example you may extract UBCD411.ISO, and point it to this folder. Entire contents will be copied and entry for SysLinux will be added to the boot menu.

All you need is: 1. a USB Flash Drive with at least 1GB of storage 2. the original Windows XP Setup CD 3. WinSetupFromUSB http://www.softsea.com/download/WinSetupFromUSB.html install windows 7 or 8 from usb iso

WinUSB Maker

WinUSB Maker is a tool that can make any removable device as a bootable device with Windows Setup windows 7 usb dvd tool iso alternatives http://joshcellsoftwares.com/download/?appID=WUSB New Features:

  • Without any OS File Modifications – Your OS is cleanly transfered to a USB device.
  • USB OS Transfer is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / Server / 7 / 8.
  • Low memory and CPU usage for a fast OS Transfer.
  • Metro-UI Based, compatible with Windows XP.
  • Compatible with all Microsoft OS with .NET Framework v4.0.
  • Backup and Restore is compatible only with the same device.
  • MSDOS and GRLDR (Grub4DOS) compatible transfers.