I just hate it when Facebook freezes my whole PC and mouse while in the middle of burning an ISO.  I don’t know if my ISO burned well because Facebook froze everything while burning.  Worse part of the freeze is that it was for a whole 30 to 60 seconds. It has something to do with how Facebook handles sessions.  Here are steps to fix the issue. facebook freeze 1. Log In to Facebook and immediately go to the padlock up at the top and click on that. 2. Click on See More Selections 3. Click on Security Setting. 4. Click on Active Sessions and then Clear All Activities. I found up to 4 sessions of my account still opened from the beginning to mid way through October 2013. I’m posting this as of now October 29, 2013. Why these sessions were still running? I do not know the answer! I log out completely every-time. Facebook has a mind of its own when it comes to all the spyware, add ware and everything under their Sun of tracking all of our activity. Since I cleared all the sessions, no more freezing up as of now.