Turning off auto correction can be useful to people who normally type in a different language.  It can get very annoying when it corrects words you don’t want corrected.  What pisses me off is how it still keeps correcting me even though I clearly deleted the word and retyped it numerous times exactly how I want it.  I thought a smartphone is smartphone because it is suppose to understand what you want and don’t want?  Personally I think it’s just Samsung’s Touchwhiz interface that is causing the annoying predictive text issue.  I normally flash a custom pure android rom but my Note 3’s AT&T bootloaders are locked so until an unlock comes out, I am stuck with Samsung’s default Touchwhiz. note 3 disable auto correction spell check To disable the predictive text on the Galaxy Note 3.

(For Touchwhiz users)

Go to Settings > Controls > Language and input > Samsung Keyboard > Predictive text, turn it OFF. This is pretty much same way as for other Galaxy Touchwhiz devices. Note 3 disable spell check or auto correction Video below is of the Note 2 but it also applies to Note 3.  

(For AOSP users)

Go to language an input menu an select Samsung keyboard settings. Then tap on Predictive text to be in up the menu. Then disable auto correct and spell check.   turn off auto correct