Silk Road 2.0 opened for business on Wednesday, according to dark-web-focused site All Things Vice. Simultaneously, Twitter user Dread Pirate Roberts, which is allegedly the same moniker as the original Silk Road operator, tweeted the announcement of the new drug marketplace.  It’s an online marketplace where people can use anonymous-friendly currency such as Bitcoin to buy and sell a number of goods. The original version of the Silk Road was shut down in early October and its owner, known as the Dread Pirate Robers, arrested on drug trafficking charges. They even put up a login page that taunts law enforcement by copying the seizure notice typically used by the FBI. Below is a screenshot of the actual Silk Road 2.0 page with a login prompt. screenshot-silk-road-2.0-website “#SilkRoad is back up. Deja vu anyone? #weriseagain,” Dread Pirate Roberts tweeted. silk road 2.0 tweet