what kind of engagement ring should I buy Here are some tips for choosing the right engagement ring.  The truth is that your engagement ring should cost you whatever you are comfortable with and not 2 months worth of paychecks.  Ask your friends where they bought their engagement rings from word of mouth is always a good thing.  Here are some tips , and make sure you watch video below which goes into depth on what kind of engagement ring you should buy. buying engagement ring

  • If purchasing a ring off the internet, only buy round settings. You won’t be able to see flaws in other designs.
  • If you buy a ring without your girlfriend having any input into the decision, she may be unhappy with the shape, color, or other elements of it. Give this deep consideration as it’s the ring she’ll be wearing for the rest of your lives together. On the other hand, some girlfriends would be disappointed if you proposed without the ring already in place. Ask the jeweler if it’s possible to make an exchange if she really doesn’t like your choice.
  • Ring designs to consider include engraving, filigree, pave, micropave and milligrain.
  • You may prefer to have a different gem stone at the center of your ring. A three stone ring with diamonds on either side of a colored gem stone can make an impressive engagement ring. Rubies and sapphires are hard wearing but emeralds are more delicate. These stones are also a lot less expensive than the traditional choice of diamond. Again, clarity is important in these stones too and the color should be bright and intense.
  • If your potential fiancee has a close sister or friend, take the sister/friend along for advice.
  • Ask your girlfriend about the ring, but don’t make it too obvious that you’re planning on proposing. For example ask, “What types of rings do you like?” Don’t ask something like, “If I were to propose, what kind of ring would you like?” That’ll make it too obvious.
  • If she’s close to her mom, her mom is likely to know what she’ll like.
  • Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish engagement ring and can have diamonds added. If her Irish background is important to her, this is a romantic and beautiful choice.