Ask yourself if you can afford to lose that ring.  It is better to be safe than sorry. buy engagement ring insurance

  • For those who are worried about their engagement ring, one additional way to ensure its safety is to develop a “wearing plan” for the ring: the recipient will decide in which situations she’ll wear the ring out, and when she will leave it at home. This can be a good way to help get into a habit for keeping the ring safe to avoid random loss or damage situations.
  • In addition to keeping all of the appropriate documents on hand, it’s good to get the ring re-appraised periodically to help adjust for inflation. Without re-appraisals, an insurance policy may end up being based on an incorrect value in the future.

Here 2 great companies to get engagement ring insurance from.

Before You Buy Engagement Ring Insurance, Consider This!

  • Do you own a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance currently? If, yes, this can be the cheapest way of insuring an engagement ring. Contact your insurance company.
  • Before you even go about insuring your engagement ring, do you have an “Appraisal”. Now if you are thinking, what the hell is that, then we will cover it and also what is the procedure of getting an appraisal in the quickest way possible. Also, how important it is in securing an engagement ring insurance.
  • How is deductible applied to both options? Do I have to pay deductibles, if I choose to add my engagement ring insurance to my current home insurance or renters policy or if I purchase a separate policy.
  • If you wish to go ahead with a separate policy like Personal Articles Floaters/Policy then keep in mind that your insurance company will send the insurance agent as a product inspector at your residence to check the product( in this case: engagement ring).
  • Will the insurance company, cover the ring only if it’s stolen. What if you loose it?
  • What would you like to have as a replacement if your ring is lost or stolen? Will your insurance provider allow you to buy a ring from a specified jeweler and pay for it or they will give you a check.

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