CenturyLink Setup Voicemail To learn how to:

  • Set up your CenturyLink Voice Mail
  • access CenturyLink Voice Mail from home and when you.re away
  • save, delete, pause, rewind, and fast forward your messages
  • send a message to another mailbox
  • and discover all the other great features included with your Voice Mail service

Visit the View the Voice Mail User Guide

Before you set up Voice Mail for the first time, be ready to:

  1. Create a password or personal identification number (PIN)
  2. Record a name to identify your voicemail mailbox, for instance “Smith residence” or “Jason and Kathy”
  3. Record a personal greeting, for example “You.ve reached Jason and Kathy. We can.t get to the phone right now. If you leave a message, we.ll call you back.”