xfinity turn on closed caption 1) Are you using a coax? If you are using coax, then you can use the TV’s settings for CC. Look on your TV remote. If there is a CC button, you may turn on the CC by pressing that button. If there is no CC button on your TV remote, then you can use either the TV remote or your Comcast remote to turn it on. The preferred way is your TV remote. It is a lot easier. Press the menu button on your TV and locate either settings on the Tv menu or something similar. Under that, you should find the CC settings. Using your remote, guide the cursor to those settings and adjust your CC options. 2) Are you are using AV, Component or HDMI? The CC settings in your TV might only work with the AV input. HDMI and Component may not work. Depending on your cable box, you may find the CC options by pressing the menu button on your Comcast remote. Make sure you press the cable button first. Then you should see a Setup option. Use your white arrow buttons on your Comcast remote to guide the cursor to that option. Use the ok/select button in the select that option. Some cable boxes have the option there. If you do not see that option, then it is a little more invloved. If you do no have that option there, do thses steps; On your Comcast remote, press the Cable button then press the Power button The press the menu button Now, depending on what box you have, this may or may not work. If it does not work, then your TV should be able to handle the CC option If it does work, then itt will be either white or a little blue screen. On that screen yoo will see the CC options. Adjust the options to on. Then press the power button twice, This will turn off this menu and then turn your box back on. If this does not work, then follow the steps again and adjust the CC settings till it turns on. You may have to do this many times. Remember, if you are using an HDMI or component connection to your TV this may not work at all.