garnishment Here are some states don’t Garnish peoples wages.  Keep in mind though Federal laws can still garnish your wages for Child support, student loans etc even if a state doesn’t allow garnishment.  Garnishment is one of the worst things that can happen to a person because a portion of a persons hard earned money that is needed to pay bills is sent to creditors.

  • Florida but only if you are head of household.  If you make below $2000 a month you can’t get garnished.


  • South Carolina, too!


  • Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas do not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. Florida does not have specific laws prohibiting the action, but does have laws that make it very difficult for wage garnishment against the “head of household.”


  • Kansas – Special “purchased paper” law. Basically, if an account is sold to another company *BEFORE* judgment, a wage garnishment is not allowed. If an account is sold to another company *AFTER* judgment, then a wage garnishment is allowed.

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