Here are some tips for you to study longer and with more focus, so you can do well in School. study harder and focus longer studying2 1. Stretch  (this is a must) 2. Move around in your room 3. Drink water (Don’t drink too much that you have to use bathroom too  frequently) 4. Use bathroom 5. Snacks like nuts or juice. etc 6.  Get plenty of sleep.  Sleep on a comfortable bed.  You can sleep for 8 or more hours but if your sleep is not on a comfortable bed, it is just as if you slept for less hours than needed. Whatever you do, don’t take Adderall.  Some student’s think it’s the key to staying focused and excelling.  It is not.  If it is not prescribed to you, it is illegal for you to use. Try collaborative study: Especially for theoretical answer study, Your score will depend on whether you have covered all the relevant points in the answer or not. You may have fully understood the content but may miss out some important points while answering. This can be better achieved if you recite the answer to your friend who checks it with correct answer from book and tells you what was left out. Failing to plan is planning to fail: Make a detailed plan – subject wise and chapter wise. Allocate time up to exam – working backwards – to different subjects based on your need. Mix up theoretical subjects which are boring and difficult to concentrate with easy going ones. Plan to finish at least 2 revisions if not 3 before exam. Be ruthless with your selves:  Close all distractions like TV, smartphones, FB etc. Friends and relatives will understand if they know that you are focusing on studies and therefore not responding to their casual calls and SMSs.