bank safe boxes The real truth is that bank deposit boxes are not safe.  They are still subject to seizure with a court order.  Safe deposit boxes are also susceptible to fires just like home safe boxes. Read this news article about a woman who lost her valuables in a bank safe deposit box in early 2013.

Woman loses heirlooms in safe deposit box

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) — A safe deposit box is supposed to be a secure place to keep your valuables. However a Marin County woman found out that’s not always the case.   You might think a bank is the most secure place to lock up your valuables. But like your home, a bank is subject to fire, flood, and fraud. This woman wanted me to tell you her story in the hope you won’t lose precious family heirlooms like she did. Nara of Novato promised her grandfather never to sell a particular diamond necklace, since it had belonged to her great grandmother. Read more.   Read more about how safe are bank deposit boxes in the below forum link.