Disclaimer: Chameleon OS is currently in beta. While it runs very well, there may be things that are not completely functional. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or your information.
Feature Video

Launcher Features ★ Folder icon styles: stacked, grid, or carousel ★ Folder sorting: alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, or by usage ★ Icon scaling in app drawer and on homescreen ★ Home screen previews, re-arrangable homescreens ★ Set default screen from previews layout ★ Add or remove homescreens from previews layout ★ Slide homescreens with a second finger while holding widgets and icons ★ Customizable gestures: slide up, slide down, pinch, and spread ★ Use only one homescreen or up to nine homescreens Theme Manager ★ Based on MIUI’s theme engine ★ Mix and match different themes on the fly ★ Theme options: Icons, Status Bar, Boot animation, Font (requires reboot), Messaging, Framework, and Ringtones ★ Applies native ctz files, but also will apply MIUI mtz files, not all elements will theme properly with mtz packages ★ Animated boot animation preview ★ Boot animation resolution scaling System UI ★ Customizable toggles, compact or page view (or off) ★ Extended volume panel in page view toggles ★ Access status or navigation bars while in fullscreen apps by touching the edge of the screen ★ Circle memory meter in recents panel shows memory available and total memory ★ Enable the experimental Tablet UI on all devices Messaging ★ Reads custom notification tones from Contacts ★ Revised layout: Added messaging bubbles, removed avatar icons from conversation and put one in the action bar, quick shortcut for emojis Security ★ Manage installed apps’ permissions ★ Firewall included so you may now control which applications can use data / wifi. …and more! See http://forums.chameleonos.org/thread…8-release.387/ to find out more about what’s new in v0.8-beta

More screenshots available on our website FLO Builds in this folder: http://d-h.st/users/grondinm/?fld_id=26534#filesDEB Builds in this folder: http://d-h.st/users/grondinm/?fld_id=26535#filesMake sure to flash the latest gappsFrequently Asked Questions— Check out our homepage at ChameleonOS.org and our forumsBug Tracker | Gerrit Review | GitHub
We would like to thank CyanogenMod for giving us an easy foundation to develop ChaOS for mutiple devices