Steer clear of Themeforest if you know whats good for you.  Themeforest sells themes that appear to have working features but when you actually buy the theme itself, you will find out that it doesn’t function the way they advertised and they provide no way for you to email or contact them.  They are a bunch of crooks that deserve to have a class action lawsuit filed against them for what they are doing. Rather than be honest and selling themes that work only to the best of their abilities, they purposely show a demo of a Theme that is nothing like the one that you end up buying and downloading.  A good example of this is their dating theme which when you try and search for a profile, they pass fake non-exiting Query parameters to wordpress, and put up a fake results page of singles.  When you buy the actual theme and test the search feature, it will show  “unable to find anything message. ” .  Proof that they are purposely selling fake non-working themes to people is the fake parameters that they pass on the Sweet Date theme they sold me. Time for the law hammer to come down on Theme forest.  They will soon be reported  to lawyers so a class action lawsuit can be started against them.  Too many people have suffered wrongdoing from Theme junk forest.  If you look at you will also see similar complaints about them. law hammer