OSX Mavericks look on windows 8 8.1

Why trouble yourself with trying to install the real Mountain Lion or OSX Mavericks on PC, when installing the real deal will give you driver problems and other headaches such as trying to figure out how to boot the real OSX installer.  You can simply just use the OSX Mavericks skin pack along which even comes with the top finder bar, and a start menu that drops down just like a real Finder Apple menu.  You can even customize the start menu itself through the Classical shell settings.  Most people want that OSX look but the reality is, you can run more PC apps than OSX so people prefer PC over OSX.

The Mavericks skin pack even comes with a dock that looks and performs just as nice as the real OSX Dock.  You can right click Dock app icons to configure which apps you want to run for that icon.  In my case, I configured the Safari icon to run Google Chrome.  You can even install the Synaptics latest touchpad drivers to get the 2 finger scroll functionality that OSX has.  I have disabled all hot corners in Windows 8 using the Classical shell option “Disable all hot corners”.  Hot corners are annoying and is one of the other reasons why I am completely changing the look of Windows 8 to OSX Mavericks.  Now all that’s left for me to do is change the boot screen image of Windows 8 to an Apple one to complete the experience.

Download link here


Below is a screenshot of my Alienware M11x laptop running side gadgets along with the complete OSX Skin pack.

osx mavericks skin look windows 8