fix errors mortal kombat komplete edition Even if you have a nice gaming GPU like I do on my Alienware M11x, you will still notice slow gameplay speeds, but you can easily fix this issue. Go to file: Mortal Kombat Komplete EditionDiscContentPCConfig Then replace the file “Coalesced” to fix download here fix para slow motion. game-mk-fix-slow

You should also do the following

step 1 press windows key plus R at the same time step 2 type this appdata no spaces step 3 click on roaming step 4 click on MKKE step 5 click on dxdiag step 6 change Dedicated Memory 32 to 1024 then save step 7 go back and right click on dxdiag go to properties and check read only box press apply and then ok step 8 go to the options (note this will also fix the speed to normal) and change max_texture from 512 to 4029 and save and right click properties check read only apply and that’s it