When you think about car gadgets for men there is simply no end to your imagination for the amount of stuff that technology has created. Many of these gadgets have actually made owning and driving a car to become such a fun item. A good example of a gizmo every man will not want to miss in their car is a GPS device. This gadget, otherwise known as the Global Positioning System ensures you are able to find your way no matter where you are anywhere on the planet. Apart from understanding exactly where you are as a driver, this gadget also informs you about all the nearby landmarks and you can also locate motels and everything else you need to know so you don’t get lost. Any man who wants to buy a GPS system will consider different things in order to decide on the exact type they are going to acquire. This is because they come in different varieties and can be used for different purposes. You can actually buy a car GPS if your car is an older version that does not come with one that is pre-installed. This is because the gadget becomes very useful for a driver who wants to know where they are and a general feeling of the road they are going to travel on. These gizmo uses up some power from your car’s battery in order to operate and the good news is that they have a very high degree of precision and you can definitely depend on it for directions. There is another different type of GPS that is portable and which is normally handheld but it will need an external power source for it to operate. Owning one of this enables you to walk around when you are not using the car and be able to find your way. The fixed GPS on the other hand, is just that, it is fixed and cannot be removed from the car under any circumstances, including when you want to switch cars. The good thing about a portable GPS is that it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is not limited in any way. It can be snugly fitted on the dashboard or windshield of the car. It can either be a distinct entity or sometimes available in form of a card that you can easily incorporate into your mobile phone or car tracking device. There is also another cool gadget for men known as a GPS navigator that will make you to look cool especially if you love going places. The GPS navigator uses the same GPS concept and can help one find a specific location through the use of longitude and latitude to go as far as calculating the height of the area in question. Some of the latest ones are even capable of voicing directions to particular places while giving you answers to any questions relating to different places you want to go to including what roads to follow, the shortest route as well as the best one when you are caught up in traffic. About the author: This blog post is offered by Mohit Jain who is a gadget geek and loves writing on gadgets and gizmos. If you are someone who shares the passion for car gadgets for men then he recommends you visit MensGear.net. It’s an uber cool site that features amazing and unique not to be found elsewhere gadgets, gears and gizmos.