laptop-tablet-phone-300x225 Howto use your Tablet/Phone as a second Display with no lag at all

What you need:The Drivers of AirDisplay for your OS:[2]we will use these because they are signed and easy to install. You will just need to install it but theres no need to have it actually running or have them in your autostart.For the displaying part we will not be using the air-display app because it’s slow and laggy. What we will use is Splashtop 2: The PC part called Streamer can be downloaded here: the App is available here: Splashtop remote is the fastest remote desktop tool you will ever use. It literally feels like you are not using a remote desktop at all. Now, when you have set up all the software and configured your resolution for your virtual second monitor and set your system to use a extend desktop setup, connect with your tablet, set splashtop to show your second display, unmute your windows and mute your tablet (because splashtop mutes your windows system and streams the sound) and your are ready to go. Some smaller annoyances are however that windows does not scale well on high DPI displays making everything look ridiculously small and if you don’t have an Nvidia card splashtop might not work as well as it does on my PC. However i use it daily to watch movies on it while playing games in Fullscreen on my main display. have fun with it! EDIT: It seems that the AirDisplay Driver is NOT needed for Windows, see this post:[5]