Here is a collection of the coolest and just unusual gadgets of 2013.

A smartwatch for kids that phones home

smartwatch tracks kids locations A smart-watch is being released by AT&T which will phone home if kids leave the known locations they. It uses GPS to determine location and will actually call home automatically. In a time of Amber alerts, this is a must have.  

Touch screen faucet.

 touch screen faucet, you can set the color, exact temperature and play music. BATHTUB!  

Smart Fridge

They got smart TV’s and phones so why not smart fridge’s too? smart-fridge cool gadget  

Pencil using printer

A printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable. Now this is getting bizarre! pencil printer  

Wearable LED lights.

wearable led lights        

Hana Twin Nose Straightener

Bizarre Anti-Ageing Gadgets Offer Alternative To Cosmetic Surgery nose straightener gadget    

Solar iPhone battery

Never run out of juice or worry about charging wires when you can simply charge your phones extended battery by bathing it in sunlight. solar iphone battery case charger